Dine-in Menu




Vegetable Samosa (2 pieces) $6.50
Triangular pastry served with mashed potatoes, peas and umin seeds - fried to a golden brown, served with tamarind chutney
Onion Bhaji (4 pieces) $6.50
Chickpea batter mixed with chopped onions and spices, fried to a crispy texture, served with mint sauce
Tandoori Mushrooms $11.00
Mushrooms dipped in garlic and yogurt marinade masala cooked in tandoor, served with mint sauce
Paneer Tikka (5 pieces) $14.00
Homemade cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, ginger,garlic and spices grilled in tandoor, served with mint sauce
Veg Seekh Kebab $12.00
Vegetarian mince cooked on skewers with special spices to tingle your taste buds.
Curry Time Vegetarian Platter $20.00
All the above items (2 pieces of each) served on fresh salad with mint sauce
Chicken Tikka (5 pieces) $14.00
Chicken marinated overnight in yogurt, ginger and garlic then grilled in tandoor
Tandoori Chicken half - $14 full - $25
Chicken marinated overnight in yoghurt, lemon juice and garlic then barbequed in tandoor served with mint sauce
Garlic Kebab (5 pieces) $14.00
Chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, egg and cashew paste,grilled in tandoor, served with mint sauce
Chicken Seekh Kebab $14.00
Chicken mince cooked on skewers with special spices served with mint sauce
Anaari Kebab (5 pieces) $14.00
Chunky lamb marinated overnight in pomegranate, garlic, ginger and spices grilled in tandoor to give an earthy aroma
Curry Time Non Vege Platter $26.00
All the above non vege items (2 pieces each) served on fresh salad with mint and tamarind chutney
Hariyali Tikka (5 pieces) $14.00
Boneless chicken pieces marinated with green herbs then roasted in tandoor, served with mint sauce.
Amritsari Fish Tikka (5 pieces) $16.00
Ling fish marinated in spices, skewered with onion, capsicum and tomato, grilled in tandoor
Tandoori Prawns (8 pieces) $16.00
Prawns marinated aromatically with fresh herbs and spices, cooked delicately in tandoor, served with mint sauce
Prawn Pakora (8 pieces) $16.00
Prawns dipped in spiced chickpea batter then deep fried, served with mint sauce
Curry Time Mixed Platter $24.00
An assortment (2 pieces each) of veg samosa, onion bhaji, chicken tikka, tandoori chicken and anaari kebab
Lamb Cutlets half - $12 full - $22
Lamb cutlets marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and tandoori masala roasted in tandoor served with salad
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